Awards & Leaves

Awards Overview

UCF is proud to continue offering the incentive award programs. At this time, UCF is the only state institution that provides awards of these types. The intent of the award programs is to recognize and promote faculty excellence and productivity that respond to and support the mission of UCF. Although it is largely a faculty-run program, the president gives the final approval for these awards, and awardees are provided with a $5,000 increase to their base pay. There are three incentive awards:

Incentive Awards

Excellence Awards

Leaves Overview

UCF offers several different leave programs. These programs are a benefit to employees, and requirements for eligibility vary. As with other institutions, UCF offers programs for both in- and non-unit faculty and A&P employees. In general, every leave program noted below has a threshold of unbroken service as a university employee as a component of eligibility.

Leave Programs

Questions about other types of Leave?

Visit Human Resources for information on other types of leave, such as sick or annual leave, holidays, family and medical leave (FMLA), medical, military, personal leave, or domestic violence.